21 Apr 2013

Gambit Games at Salute 2013

On Saturday 20th April, 8 of the Gambit Games members took the 40K game 'Draigo and the Draigonaughts' to Salute 2013 at the ExCel in London!

Draigo and his Draigonauts prepare for the mission!

The scenario that was based on the classic film Jason and the Argonauts saw a heroic force of Grey Knights take on an endlesss enemy of Necrons to try and claim the 'FLECE' (Fluctuation Line Elimination Cortex Engine) of the the emporer!

Several players had a go throughout the day and many of them managed to fight their way through the Necron force, deactivate the power source controlling the shield that protected the golden 'FLECE' and be within reach of claiming the prize!

The 'FLECE' represented as a Golden Sheep! - A truly unique item!

Unfortunately, one the shield was down the true enemy revealed itself - Chaos Daemons! As the shield dropped a massive physchic backlash caused each of the Grey Knights to take a strength 5 hit with only involnerable saves allowed!

Only two players on the day managed to fight their way through the hordes of Nurgle to reach the 'FLECE' and close the rip in the warp before it was too late!

It was a really great day which was thanks to Sam, Aaron, Colin and Aaron who ran the game for us and to everyone that played the scenario with such enthusiasm.

If you saw us on the day and would like to know more about where and when we meet or would like to join our facebook group then please contact us at Gambitgamuesuk@gmail.com

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