19 Apr 2013

Hero Clix Demo's

Brighton Hero Clix are organising some demonstration games for beginners at our coming games day at the end of the month!

If you have never given this game a try then maybe now would be a good time. They have got some pre-built  teams of 4 figures at 400 points ready to use (Good guys only!). You can play some of the iconic teams such as Avengers, X-Men,Wild C.A.T.S, Defenders to name just a few!

If your unfamiliar with the rules then these are the guys that can help or have a look at the basics here!

They will be there from about mid day until fairly late so you should be able to fit it around anything else that you are planning to play!

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  1. If you fancy a game and you have a favourite Super-hero team or comic book, we are happy to build that team for you to play (well part of a team - it's a 4 figure format for the 28th) Of course if you are a Fantastic Four fan then you are sorted ;)