21 May 2013

Last Month at Gambit

Here is a brief summary of what happened last month, its a bit later than normal especially since this weekend is our monthly Gameday at Vale Park.

The big event for us in April was Salute which saw eight of the Gambit Team head to London to participate in this years exhibition, our game Draigo and the Draigonauts was very well received and it was a great day out for everyone that attended. Watch out for some of the great scenery that we purchased for the club on one of the tables soon!

At Kids Dreams the Dragon's Maze prerelease and Vanguard Comic Style Sneak Peak were scheduled for the same weekend and both events were well attended. Dragon's Maze started the weekend with our third midnight event, this time seeing 24 players stay up all night to play with the new cards a week before release!

This was followed by another event during the day on Saturday, which saw a very mixed field in both experience and ages playing...

In the evening the final Dragons Maze event of the day was the two headed giant - a really great fun event in which eight teams played in three rounds, some players having played for over 24 hours without sleep!

The Vanguard Sneak Peak ran along side this with eight players trying to win a promotional play mat. Vanguard has grown at lot and become one of the main card systems played at the club since its release last year!

On the Sunday Game Day the Dragon's Maze continued with two more events making 5 in total an impressive 76 different players and introducing a 10 new faced to the Gambit Games experience! Congratulations to Michael, Alex and Simon for winning the main events!

The Hero Clix guys ran a small event to introduce new players to the game and refresh players that had been away from the game for a while and we were joined by Martin and his team from Black Box with some demo copies of the new Lords of War Elves and Lizardmen.

40K as usual was played throughout the day with a full on apocolypse style battle featuring on one of the centre tables - the demise of a super heavy tank cutting the game short and wiping out half the board in a massive explosion! (One of the shortest battles of this scale I have every witnessed - and to think I thought they would not finish!) Bolt Action picked up new players in what is becoming a regular on the Gambit tables, along with War Machine and a good appearance again from board games such as Pandemic.

On the blog we had a busier month, so here is a list of some of the highlights that you may have missed...

With our next gaming Sunday approaching rapidly, watch out for an article later today with what to expect this month on the gaming tables at Gambit Games UK!

Gary of Team Gambit

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