22 May 2013

X-Wing a Mini Tournament!

This Sunday is Gambit Games and I am planning a small X-wing tournament!

This will only be open to 6 or 8 players. Each player will need to choose which side they wish to fight for and I need to have half the field on each side. Players will need to come with a prepared list of no more than 100 points.

This is hopefully going to be a fun event and as such there is no entry cost other than the usual £4 for the day and there will be no prize other than pride and bragging rites of course!!!

I will be organising a bigger X-Wing tournament later in the year which will have prize support and will of course be open to more players. This event is very much a test run for how future tournaments will work so I am looking for players that are interested in making this a true Star Wars experience. I have spoken to a couple of players already, but if I haven't and your interested in playing please let me know soon!!

I have a limited amount of ships that I can lend if you don't have anything of your own and hopefully some of the other players will also have some that they are not using which they may be prepare to lend out, but this will obviously go on a first come first served basis.

I hope to run the event from about 11am and plan to be all done in about 3 or 4 hours! Initial thoughts are for some one v one timed games and at least one large scale multi player battle, but I can not confirm this until I know for definate how many players I have!!!

If your interested please let me know ASAP - I already have one Imperial player.

In relation to named characters I am unsure whether to allow more than one player to use the same named character, so I will need you intended list emailed to me as soon as you can (send to kidsdreams@sky.com)

Gary of Team Gambit

PS we need as many movie quotes and references as possible so I for one will be watching some Star Wars which will please some in the family more than others!!! Here's a little clip to start things off ...

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