24 May 2013

Tonight's FNM

Tonight the FNM event will be MODERN, it will cost £2 as normal and we aim to get started at 6:15pm.

The prize card will again be a foil 'Judges Familiar' for the top two players ...

There will be no side event today as I will not be here myself. Nick has kindly agreed to run the event for me tonight for which I am very grateful for and running one event is hard enough!

Remember that this weekend it Dragon's Maze game day .... http://kidsdreamstoys.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/dragons-maze-game-day.html

If your planning to attend then please let Nick know tonight or send me a message!

Also if your planning to attend this weekend but don't have a deck then why not buy a new one the Dragon's Maze event decks are out today and are ready to play straight from the box, see http://kidsdreamstoys.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/event-decks.html for more details including deck lists!

Good luck tonight to everyone playing and hopefully see you all over the weekend!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams

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