24 Jun 2013

Battlefield 'Tanith'

Forces are gathering on the planet Tanith

"Tanith is a Dead World, the homeworld of the famed Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard Regiment whose population was exterminated by the orbital bombardment of a warfleet of Chaos. Tanith was formerly an Imperial Hive World and Agri-World covered in dense, mobile trees known as Nalwoods -- these creatures were actually a type of photosynthetic animal-plant hybrid while their wood was the world's primary export. The primary industry was the harvesting of seasoned Nalwood timbers and a large wood carving industry that created pieces of beautiful woodwork that were highly prized across the Imperium of Man. The hive cities of Tanith were great stone bastions, and the planet was ruled from the capital of Tanith Magna by an Imperial Planetary Governor known locally as the Elector. Tanith was a heavily forested world located in the Sabbat Worlds Sector, a cluster of planets in the Segmentum Pacificus that was under constant assault by the Forces of Chaos. The main export of Tanith was Nalwood, which becomes extremely rare and even more valuable after the planet's destruction."

Now an artifact made from Nalwood has been discoverd on the Dead World held secure in a stasis field since the worlds distruction. Once part of  the Elector's personal collection loacted in the ruins of Tanith Magna this artifact is almost priceless and regarded by some as a prize worth risking death for and by others as relic from the time when the Forces of Chaos had first assaulted the city and needs to be a destroyed!

Forces of Orks, Black Templars, Tau, Space Wolves and Blood Angels all have vessels orbiting the planet and other forces are reported as being on route with and are expected to reach Tanith on 30062013.M41

To dangerous to send in large armies of troops, small combat patrols have landed and are beginning to scout the area in search of the artifact! Who will claim it is unknown the only thing certain is the intense conflict that will follow in the days to come!

There is still time for you to gather your forces, select your finest troops and claim this prize for yourself - the only question is are you brave enough to try?

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