21 Jun 2013

X-Wing Tournament Date Announced!

Back in May we held a small X-Wing Miniature tournament which although saw the rebel forces claim the final objectives must be declared a resounding victory for the Empire as they lost just one of the individual battles. The day saw some great battles and some interesting tactics (such as flying into the asteroids!). We hope that all the players enjoyed the experience and we certainly learnt a few things about what works and what doesn't  -so a big thank you to every one that attended.

As promised we are planning a bigger event and can now confirm that this will be happening at the October Gambit Gameday on 27th October 2013. The event will hopefully be a full Star Wars experience with players having the opportunity to get involved in some of the epic battles from all three of the original Star Wars movies and how knows maybe change the outcome (what would happen if the Death Star was not destroyed for example?)

More details of the event will follow in the coming weeks such as how much it will cost, format and timings but for now its simply put the date in your dairy and let us know your interested. The event will be open to a limited amount of players and details on how to register will published in time for the Gameday at the end of July! 

Even if your not around for the event then you can still get involved as there will be a series of small games being played at the club day running up to the event that we help to set the scene and will have an impact on the battles that will be fought on the day. For now I will leave you with the Imperial march in honour of the victorious hero's of the Empire (Roy, Pete and James) and watch this space for more details soon!

Gary of Team Gambit

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