27 Jun 2013

This weekend at Gambit!

The Sunday its Gambit Gameday, as usual we will be a the Scout Hut in Vale Park for a full day of gaming starting at 10am and running all day until 10pm. (need directions?)

Here are a few of the things planned ....

Firstly its the 40K singles tournament, its the first one that we have held at our new hall and we have changed things from our previous ones. This format is designed to represent small skirmish battles set on the planet of "Tanith", there is still time to register for this event so if you want to play then let us know! If you have never entered an event before then this could be the one for you! For more details on this have a look at : http://gambitgamesuk.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/this-coming-gambit-gameday-on-sunday.html

The guys from Brighton Heroclix will again be with us in the afternoon and will be happy to show you how to play this exciting game!

As a preview to the X-Wing tournament being held this October we will be running a small game which will offer players a chance to get involved early and maybe have an impact on the events that will unfold later in the year when players will have the chance to retell the Star Wars story there own way! See http://gambitgamesuk.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/x-wing-tournament-date-announced.html for more details on the tournament. We will be posting some more details on this scenario later this week so watch this space!

For the MTG players among you we will be offering players the chance to unique draft - we will be drafting 'guild' packs! This event will be open to 8 players and will cost just £6 per player (that's just £2 per booster)! All players will get a promo Maze's End and foil basic land for playing! There will be a promo 'Render Silent' for the winner! There will be more details on this event including times on the Kids Dreams Blog later in the week!

There will of course be other tables for you to use set up for 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, War Machine to name just a few. In fact if you want a game of almost anything then I am sure there will be someone willing to give it a go!

Food will be on sale as normal, it might be a good idea to book your food when you get there and just let us know when you want to eat, here is the menu in case you don't know what we offer...

If anyone want to arrange a particular game then our facebook page it probably the best place, if we know before hand then we will try and layout the table ready for you.

Hopefully see you all for what should be another great weekend!

Gary of Team Gambit

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