2 Jul 2013

The Battle on Tanith is over!

On Sunday six armies fought over the artifact found on the planet of 'Tanith' in the Gambit Games 40K Combat Patrol Tournament!

Thank you to those that played and to Andy for running the event!

After 5 rounds of combat there was one clear winner, had the Orks managed to claim the prize, what about the fearsome Blood Angels, the Tau had the biggest presence with two forces so may be they had been victorious or had the Imperial Guard managed to reclaim the artifact from their home world?

The final scores were ....

6th ... Roy (Imperial Guard)
5th ... Aaron (Blood Angels) 6 points
4th ... Jake (Tau) 6 points
3rd ... Gareth (Orks) 9 points
2nd ... Kerim (Tau) 10 points

and finally the winner was ... Michael (Black Templars)

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