5 Jul 2013

Tonight's FNM

It's Friday and it's June which means .... Andy Murray in a 'Wimbledon' Semi Final ... well yes, but more importantly Friday Night Magic with a new promo card....

Tonight we are potentially giving away 8 of them! As it is the first event of the month we are running a standard event as normal with an entry of £2 per player!

In addition as there are a number of players at the moment not playing standard we are offering a draft as well! It will cost £12 per player as normal and will be a RTR block event, so 1 Return to Ravnica, 1 Gatecrash and 1 Dragon's Maze! Its likely to be the last one in this block for a while as the one on the 19th will be the launch event for M14! As normal I need 8 players for this event as a minimum and 12 will be the maximium!

Both events will start at about 6:15pm as normal! Please let me know what you want to play - remember the draft will be a limited amount of space!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams

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