25 Jul 2013

The Lords Of War Tournament

So as previously mention here and here, this game day (Sunday 28th July) Gambit Games is holding a Lords of War tournament.

The Structure; 

  • 4 Rounds 
  • 45 min time limit on each round. Once reached players will have 5 turns to finish the game (the MTG time format). If no victor is confirmed it will be a draw.
  • Each round best of 1 game 
  • Each round computer generated 
  • Computer will work out the victor at the end based on match wins and various percentages. 

The Rules set we will be using; 

  • Player 1 decided by D6 roll offs
  • We will be using the Lords of War play mat, so as to constrain size and length of games
  • Each game will be won by the first player to kill 20 of the opponents units/characters or the first player to kill 4 of the opponents command units (this includes the general)
  • Ranged units fire at a single square in it's field of attack and only on it's owners turn. There are no line of sight rules, if a target is in the grid it can shoot at, it can be shot. It will stop being able to fire if it is engaged in close combat, this includes it's own attack arrows!
  • Ranged units and Spear men are the only units that are able to be deployed ignoring the engagement rules as set out in the rule book
  • Cavalry units may be recalled from the battlefield even if they are engaged, with 2 exceptions. 1) They have just been laid (no unit is able to be played and recalled in the same turn). 2) They are being engaged by a Spear man, the natural enemy of cavalry.
  • Deck construction will be restricted too;
1 x General
5 x Other Command Units
4 x Special Units  
4 x Elite Units
6 x Veteran Units
8 x Regular Units
8 x Recruit Units
(See the rules pack to find the unit types, or ask on Sunday morning)
  • If any person is thought to have a deck that is not conforming to the above force construction, the judge is within his right to check the deck before or after a match. If the deck is found to be in breach of the rule, the judge can award a penalty as he sees fit, from Game lose to Deck switching to one of the standard out of the box constructions for the rest of the event.
  • Unlike other card tournaments we have run there will be no 'Sideboarding' during the course of the event. Some of our competitors may only have the initial out of the box deck, so no person is getting the advantage of switching his construction.

Right, with all of that out of the way, kick off will be at 12pm (Midday), there is no charge for this event but there is a prize! The winner will receive a new Lizardmen V. Elves boxset! We hope that this event will encourage new players to pick up the game but also encourage members that haven't played in a tournament before to give it a go. It should be a lot of fun, hope to see you all there.

Olly for Team GGUK

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