25 Jul 2013

This Weekend at Gambit

The Sunday its Gambit Gameday, as usual we will be a the Scout Hut in Vale Park for a full day of gaming starting at 10am and running all day until 10pm. (need directions?)

Here are a few of the things planned ....

Firstly Andy is running another Warmachine event which should prove challenging and fun to play for experienced players and new players alike.

We will also be holding our second Lords of War event - last time Olly was crowned the Lord of War - could you take this title from him? We are looking for players to take part in a four round (single game) swiss round event which will start at mid day! There is no charge for this event but we do have a copy of the new Elves vs Lizardmen to give away to the eventual winner! There are currently 4 different races to choose from or if you would prefer make a mercenary force with the best cards from both box sets!

For more details see ... 

The guys from Brighton Heroclix will again be with us in the afternoon and will be happy to show you how to play this exciting game!

As a preview to the X-Wing tournament being held this October we will be running a second small game which will offer players a chance to get involved early and maybe have an impact on the events that will unfold later in the year when players will have the chance to retell the Star Wars story there own way! This time we have something from A New Hope! 

To have a look at the rules go to ... 

There will of course be other tables for you to use set up for 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, War Machine to name just a few. In fact if you want a game of almost anything then I am sure there will be someone willing to give it a go!

Food will be on sale as normal, it might be a good idea to book your food when you get there and just let us know when you want to eat, here is the menu in case you don't know what we offer...

If anyone want to arrange a particular game then our facebook page it probably the best place, if we know before hand then we will try and layout the table ready for you.

Hopefully see you all for what should be another great weekend!

Gary of Team Gambit

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