15 Nov 2013

The future of Friday Night Magic

So if you have missed the news, I have unfortunately closed the shop, have a read of .... http://kidsdreamstoys.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/is-it-end-of-dream.html

What does this mean for FNM, well put quite simply the FNM you are used to is no more! Wizards of the Coast will not allow me to sanction events until such time (if ever) that I trade from another bricks and mortar retail store!

What does this mean?

You as a player will not get planeswalker points for playing at any future Gambit Games or Kids Dreams Events.

We will not be able to pre-release events.(although I am trying to find solutions to this problem)

We will no longer receive promotional material from Wizards of the Coast.

What is the Future for FNM?

So if that's what we have lost, what if anything will there be for the MTG community in Shoreham?

I am planning a regular MTG event which will happen on Friday's between 6pm and 10pm at the Royal George in Shoreham.

I am not sure if I am allowed to call the Event 'FNM', but if not then I am sure I will think of a new name! I could not get anything sorted out in time for tonight's event but hopefully everything should be in place for next week!

I will create an event on Facebook for each week in advance to let you know what formats are on offer.

As we are no longer tied to Wizards system we can run events in what ever format we like and may even look in team and multi player events!

As I have already said players will no longer get planeswalker points so instead there will be a new point system introduced much the same as the existing Gambit points that you may already be familiar with but with some slight modifications and new calculation method as we had previously relied on information provided by Wizards WER system. More details on this will follow soon.

We normal finalize the Gambit points at the end of November to send out invites to the end of year tournament, so I plan to do this based on the current scores as of last week! I will post sending out more information on this event soon!

Obviously I still have some old promotional cards, but these will run out. I will try and make the prizes for playing interesting and varied.

As for the venue itself it is very nice the facilities are excellent (proper comfortable chairs for everyone - no more stalls!) It is separate from the pub with its own entrance and should provide us with a great gaming and social environment.

I have booked the room for this coming Tuesday and will be creating an event for this later today! This will be a casual MTG evening much like the old 'Skirmish Tuesday' at the shop and will give me an opportunity to show you the new venue and review how much interest there will be for the new Friday events. I also hope to discuss with everyone that attends what will be on offer from Kids Dreams and Gambit in relation to the weekly events.

Please come alone and join me next week and help to formulate our future events!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams

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