19 Dec 2013

The 2014 End of Year MTG Tournament!

The time has finally come to invite players to the end of year grand tournament! Last year we selected the top scoring players and winners of prerelease event. This year we will be inviting 18 players again, allowing that maybe 2 can not come, meaning there will still be a minimum of 16! If it goes below 16 then I will invite the next players on the rankings!

Since January we have had a total of 149 players attend one of our events which include prereleases, launch parties, game days, Martins's drafts, Caspar Cube, leagues, junior competitions and of course Friday Night Magic! There have been over 100 different events of various formats and types!

Firstly last years champion will get a chance to come back and defend his title,so Simon Wright is the first on the list! David Sanders is the next as he won in 2011!

The grand tournament is invite only and anyone that has won an individual pre-release during the year will automatically get an invite, so this adds in the following players:

Nathan Minter, Michael Pike, Finley Williams, Harvey Helmner, Dan Wyatt, Alex Tynemouth and Adam Tobin!

Also included will be the player who has scored the highest average in all the events they have played in this year (they must have played in at least 5 events) which is Michael Pike with an impressive 10.44! As he is already on the list we moved down the highest average scores to the next player not already invited which will be Sam Chapman at 8.55!

Finally we then add in the top 8 ranked players not including those already selected to take the total to 18 players which are:

Robert Hills, George Harland, Darren Phipps-Walker, Alan Wordsworth Yates, Callum Davidson, Will Bowing, Roy Gawn and Michael Moore!

All players will receive an invite in the next day or so via facebook and I would ask that you please reply as soon as possible as if you can not attend then I can invite the next players on the list!

The Grand Tournament will be held on Sunday 29th December starting at 10am and finishing at 6pm. Details of the format will be included on the event page!

Good luck to everyone that has qualified and I hope that you can make it to fight for the right of being the 2013 Gambit Grand Master!

Gary of Team Gambit

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