25 Jan 2014

This month's Gambit Sunday!!!

Evening everyone, just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the first Gambit Games event of 2014!

There are a few bits planned which include ...

The event itself will not start until 11am, but players are welcome to start registering from 10am. The cost of this will be £20 for which, all players will receive six booster packs in which they'll then create a forty card deck to compete with against other players (number of rounds will be decided on the day). Post the event, all entries will also receive an additional two booster packs and an exclusive Promo card. There is currently space on this event so if you want to come along let us know.
There are only a very limited number of promo cards for this event and these will be issued to players in the order that they registered (so it may pay to be early!)

There will also be a chance to play the new ...

There are a limited amount of promo cards and demo kits available for us give out to players that want to try it out! If you want to know more about this game then see the KD Games post which includes a how to play video and the first episode of the animation series!

Later in the day we will be hosting the first of this years Lords of War tournaments ...

This will start at about 4pm, but I would be grateful if players could regisiter for it as soon as they arrive as it is a very busy schedule and I would like to get the event details sorted in advance! More information can again be found on the KD Games blog.

On the MTG front there will of course be the usual casual and multi player formats but in addition Simon is planning a M14 'novice' draft! He is hoping to not only give people the chance to join in this grate format but hopefully share some tips and pointers on what to look out for!

The guys from Brighton Heroclix will be in as normal and happy to teach players this popular game.

Andy is hoping to get some demo games of  ...

contact him via facebook if you are interested.

There will of course be the usual favourites such as War Machine, Bolt Action, X-Wing, 40K and many many different board games and card games throughout the day as well as a chance to have a go at Judge Dredd ready for the coming campaign!

Tickets for next weekends MTG prerelease will also be on sale at £23 - for more details see the KD Games Blog!

Food will be on sale as normal, but with such a big attendance expected for the prerelease then it would be a good idea to book your food when you get there, here is the menu in case you don't know what we offer...

I think that about covers it, and with such a lot on offer this weekend if I was you I would get there early and make the most of your £4!

Whilst on the subject of fees, please remember that the annual membership of £40 (for those that wish to pay in advance that is!) offers a saving of £8 for the year is due at this event!

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