23 Dec 2013

End of Year MTG Tournament

The End of Year Grand Tournament is invite only and if for the top scoring players of 2013!

This year the event will be held on Sunday 29th December at Gambit's Gaming Sunday!

The venue will the the Scout Hut in Vale Park and we will try to get started at 10am as there is a lot to get in!

The entry fee for this event will be £13 - which will cover £4 for entry fee and £9 for boosters!

The time table for the day will be ....

10:00am  Registration
10:15am  Drafting (Theros) and Deck Construction
11:00am  Round One - Draft
12:00pm  Round Two - Draft
01:00pm  Roiund Three - Draft
02:00pm  Lunch
03:00pm  Round Four - Modern
04:00pm  Round Five - Standard
05:00pm  Round Six - Standard
06:00pm  We will have our 2013 Champion!

All player must bring a Modern and Standard Deck - Please note that you do not have to use the same deck in the two Standard rounds!

All players will receive a facebook invite by the 21st December - could you please reply to confirm your attendance - if you can not make it we need to know also so that other players further down the rankings can have a chance to play!

Good Luck to All Players!!!!

Gary of Team Gambit

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