27 Feb 2014

Gambit Sunday

This weekend its Gambit Sunday and as normal there is a fair bit planned!

Firstly a bit of good news for our younger members, as of this weekend the entrance fee for all players under the age of 16 will be only £2 for the day! This means that for just £2 the younger members can enjoy up to 7 hours of gaming! (10am until 5pm) We will be planning some events later in the year which will be just for the younger members so watch this space!

Bolt Action is still pretty much the game of choice and I know that many players are hoping to get in a few games, and hopefully there will be some news of a tournament which we are planning for May!

With 2000 AD celebrating its 37th birthday this week, why not have a go at the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game and join in our mini campaign! We aim to start fairly early in the day and players will arrange games that they will play as time allows and since each game is pretty short it should fit nicely around the other games that people want to play during the day! The rules are really easy to pick up and all you need is a few figures!

From 1pm there will be a MTG win an Event Deck games day tournament. For more details on this please have a look at the KD Games Blog. This event will cost an additional £3 on top of your entrance fee of £4.

There will also be the chance for players to take on the horde of minotaurs in the 'Battle the Horde' deck, so bring along your deck and see how you do! The horde deck will be on sale from next weekend at KD Games and you can preorder a copy for £10 this weekend. The deck will be available for players to have a go at beating it all day!

At some point in the day we hope to have a go at a 'fun tournament' for Stak Bots and there will be more details on this on the KD Games Blog later this week!

There will hopefully be a bit of play in general this weekend of the Lords of War card game, but in the evening after the MTG event has finished we will be looking for just 4 players to have a go at a small knock out event! As some people may be aware I have joined the Black Box Team to have a look at the tournament systems for the game so it will be nice to see how it changes things compared to the normal points based system! I am also hoping to have a discussion with players about a possible 'draft' event! If your interested in Lords of War at all then please ask and I will let you know what is planned for the coming weeks!

There will be of course the usual multitude of games available throughout the day, so what ever you play you bound to get a chance to play! Hopefully some of the guys from Brighton Heroclix will be joining us later in the day, and if you have not played before its really worth a look!

Food will be available throughout the day ...

Lastly, but by no means least we will have some information about our plans for GamCon which we hope will be of interest to you all! Its a really big project for us and we hope that you will be excited by the prospect! The event will be the biggest thing we have ever attempted and as such will need several volunteers to help as deliver a truly rememberable event! Please have a look at what we are thinking of doing and if you think you can help put your name down on the list!

If anyone wants to arrange to play anything this Sunday, then our facebook group is the best place to let people now!

Hope you can join us for a great day of gaming!!!!

Gary of Team Gambit

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