24 Mar 2014

Gambit Sunday

This weekend its Gambit Sunday and as normal there will be a full day of gaming!

We should have a fair few playing Warmachine and Hordes this Month as part of the Journeyman league thats currently running (currently 20 active players). Andy will also be running games and demos of Mage Wars and Dead Mans Hand if anyone is interested.

With the tournament planned for May, there should be lots of chances for players to get in some practice games and review there lists! So if you want a game of Bolt Action be sure to post something on the facebook group soon and get it arranged!

Last month we ran a small Judge Dredd campaign, which proved to be great fun, so we are going to do another one this week! We only need 4 players for this although more is no problem! Lets see if Nick can win again or will Ashley be able to continue that winning form into the final game this time? We aim to start fairly early in the day and players will arrange games that they will play as time allows and since each game is pretty short it should fit nicely around the other games that people want to play during the day! The rules are really easy to pick up and all you need is a few figures!

There is no MTG event planned for this month although I am happy to run a draft event if there are enough players interested. If you did not get the chance last month then why  not take on the horde of minotaurs in the 'Battle the Horde' deck!

I hope to run a Stak Bots tournament this weekend, starting at 11am! More details for the event can be found on the KD Games blog ... http://kidsdreamsgames.blogspot.co.uk/ Players will need there own deck for this event, and there will be a great prize!

There will hopefully be a bit of play in general this weekend of the Lords of War card game, but I am hoping to also have a go at the 'DRAFT' format that I have been toying with for a while! I only need 4 players and it would only cost £5 per head with each player keeping the cards they choose! Let me know if anyone is interested in giving this a go! The whole event will only be 3 rounds and we will be reducing the win conditions to speed the process up a bit! More details of the format can be found later this week on the KD Games Blog ... http://kidsdreamsgames.blogspot.co.uk/

There will be of course the usual multitude of games available throughout the day, so what ever you play you bound to get a chance to play! Hopefully some of the guys from Brighton Heroclix will be joining us later in the day, and if you have not played before its really worth a look!

Food will be available throughout the day ...

Lastly, but by no means least we'll be selling tickets for ...

If anyone wants to arrange to play anything this Sunday, then our Facebook group is the best place to let people now!

Hope you can join us for a great day of gaming!!!!

Gary of Team Gambit

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