23 Feb 2015

Bring on the Lightning

Dice Masters has been getting a little bit of play at Gambit events recently and is one of those simple little games that spans the age range of players that attend our club from the youngest members at just 8 or 9 years old up to the veterans like myself in there 40's.

I have been playing Dice Masters for a while now and generally been keeping to the same team, but with the introduction of the Yu Gi Oh set and a rather fortunate booster which gave me my fourth Pyro and most importantly Pyro Uncontrolled, I thought I would put together my first energy based team...

Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff is my low dice purchase costing just 3, she is not the best of the Scarlet Witch card but as I am running 3 villains in the deck she can help remove some of the cheaper Xmen from the field. Both level 1 and two can be fielded for free and her level 3 is only 1.
I would prefer to use Unity Squad but unfortunately I don't have one!

Cable Man of Action is a rerelatively low cost and along with Scarlet Witch is the early game threat. It is not a card I have used before but the one damage ability can clear out sidekicks and forcing characters to block can help to clear some of the annoying characters that sit on the field with static abilities.

Pyro Uncontrolled is the main character in this team and should be the main win condition. His ability to roll dice from the used pile when attacking should be very effective with the amount of dice that I have capable of rolling lightning. With 4 dice the plan is simple, get him on to the field as quickly as possible and attack - not subtle but hopefully effective!

Cyclops Field Leader is one of three characters that I will try and keep on the field. He is a reasonable blocker but his ability to deal extra damage is useful and should help Pyro to be that little bit more aggressive.

Mister Sinister Nasty Boy is another field character that I want to try and keep there. The one extra damage when Pyro is inevitably knocked out seems useful. His global ability is ok, but probably more use late game when there are more targets. It could cause me some issues as well but due to the amount of lightning dice I have this should be in my favour.

Marvel Girl Telekinetic is a card I have been using in other teams for a while, the thought here would be that the spin down ability might put characters in reach of either Cyclops one damage or Mister Sinisters 3 damage. Nice solid attacker at 6/6 as well.

Summoned Skull Intense Lightning is the first of two Yu Gi Oh cards in this team and the third one that I plan to keep active if I can. When my opponent summons a level 3 which is likely, they take 2 damage. Late game when they are looking for those big hitters the extra damage to them should make it easier for Pyro to deal the killer blow. I will change it for Lightning Strike if I get one as the ability to put Pyro into the bag rather than used pile seems to go to ignore.

The last card in the Team is Red Eyes B. Dragon Intense Fire Blast. This is another Yu Gi Oh card and he is a DRAGON - so seemed a obvious choice for me. He also gives me some answered to the sidekick based decks and the ability to turn them against their own controller. I also like the fact that he can use my own sidekicks that I often keep for blockers to boost his power and back that final attack!

To be honest I have no idea if this team will do the job that I hope it will but as long at is fun to play then I think I will regard that as a success. If anyone wants to give me a chance to test this team then I will be bringing it along to Tuesday's KD Games Night and assuming that it was a success it might even make it to the next Gambit Games Day at the end of March.

Gary of Team Gambit

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