28 Mar 2015

Gambit Sunday

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is Gambit Sunday 10am until late at the Scout Hut in Vale Park.

January's event was a good turnout and there were plenty of games played, here is a list of the main ones...

Magic the Gathering
Formula D
War Machine
Bolt Action
Star Realms
Among the Stars
Dice Masters
Boss Monster
Hero Clix
Kingdom Builder
Warhammer 40K

There are no specific events planned for this month but there will be the usual favourites such as War Machine, Bolt Action, MTG, Dice Masters, X-Wing, Hero Clix, Star Realms, Lords of War, 40K to name just a few.

In addition there are sure to be a wealth of different board games for players to try and following on from our Board Game Day you will also be able to score these to help us build up the ultimate grading system for board games.

This week I will be bringing down the card game CONQUEST for those that wish to give it a go...

As far as Dice Masters is concerned there is the possibility of a tournament as we have the prize cards, it will all depend on the amount of interest, if you want to play then please let us know ASAP on the day. If we can't get enough players for a tournament then I will use some of the promo cards to reward people that play and win during the day. We now have three sets for Dice Masters so we are beginning to see some interesting combinations.

On facebook we have some games of Malifaux, D&D Attack Wing, Bolt Action and the new game Forge War being planned. There was even a mention of a game of ROUNDERS!

Both Martin and Nick from Black Box games will be with us this weekend so it is your chance to ask any questions about Lords of War, what there plans for the future are of just play a game or two with our local game designers.

Hopefully Pete will be bring along Dreadball, which if you have not played it is a great little game and the basic rules can be played in about 40 mins. He has a good selection of teams so there is bound to be something that you are interested in.

Lastly you can buy tickets for this years CONQUEST which is being held in Shoreham this year. Advance entrance tickets are just £5 this year with tournaments being extra. More details can be found on our website ... www.gambitgameuk.co.uk

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  1. Your link is wrong, try http://www.gambitgames.co.uk