24 May 2015

What do gamers love more than anything else??

Dice - hmmm  love them or hate them, they form a core part of nearly every game we play. Even in Magic the Gathering - a card game (?) dice are relevant - tokens, health etc.

As there are so many uses for them - my favourite being as a missile out a window when they fail to roll high again, Gambit Games would like to share theirs!!!

Well  - share is a strong word! We have had some made special ,  guaranteed to always roll what you want with the special GG logo on them, so you can never forget where you are!!! (Other numbers may appear on the dice :) ).

We have them in three sizes - Normal (16mm), Large (Warmachine!) 22mm and HUUUUGE (Turn Marker?) 36mm. We even have them in varied funky colours!

If you would like to own some of these babies, please contact a committee member!



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