26 Apr 2015

Gambit Sunday

Just a quick reminder that today is Gambit Sunday 10am until late at the Scout Hut in Vale Park.

Last month the event was a great turnout and there were plenty of games played, here is a list of the main ones...

Magic the Gathering, Zombicide, X-Wing, War Machine,
Bolt Action, Star Realms, Splendor, Vampires, Dice Masters
Boss Monster, Dominion, Hero Clix, Kingdom Builder
Ticket to Ride and Warhammer 40K and Lords of War

There are no specific events planned for this month but there will be the usual favourites such as War Machine, Bolt Action, MTG, Dice Masters, X-Wing, Hero Clix, Star Realms, Lords of War, 40K to name just a few.

In addition there are sure to be a wealth of different board games for players to try and following on from our Board Game Day you will also be able to score these to help us build up the ultimate grading system for board games.

This week I will be bringing down the card game CONQUEST again for those that wish to give it a go...

If there is enough interest this morning then I will run a small HeroClix event which will be supported with some nice prizes, please let me know when you arrive if you want to play.

I will also be demonstrating Lords of War Magic and Monsters for those that are yet to play it!

Lastly you can buy tickets for this years CONQUEST which is being held in Shoreham this year. Advance entrance tickets are just £5 this year with tournaments being extra. More details can be found on our website ... http://gambitgames.co.uk/

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