20 Jun 2015

KD Games at Gambit Sunday

Tomorrow is Gambit Sunday which is not the usual day but KD Games will be there as normal.

We will be bringing our stock as we usually do, there will be the last of the X-Wing stock which is reduced as well as some great new lines such as Boss Monster 2.

We will be running Splendor League games throughout the day and there will be opportunity for players to complete there Warhammer Conquest league games as well.

In regards to tournament play we will be offering a Modern Masters draft in the evening and a Lords of War Expanded Tournament in the afternoon.

Score sheets will be available for players to rate any games that they play which will be added to our database of some of the best board games.

This is in addition to play testing some games for Black Box and of course joining in where possible with the full day of gaming that Gambit Games brings us every month!

Tickets will also be on sale for CONQUEST which is coming in September...

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