25 Jul 2015

KD Games at Gambit Sunday

So tomorrow is Gambit Sunday and I am sure that many of you have already arranged some of the games your going to be playing, in case you have not, here is what we will be running tomorrow ...

First up we have the continuation of our Splendor League, there are now only 4 weeks left for players to get enough points to be part of the final which will be held at next months Gambit Sunday. There is a really nice playmat up for grabs for the winner as well as some other promotional items just for playing. Its not too late if you have not started to play as it is a really quick game to learn and you only need to play 3 games to stand a chance of making the finals and get you first gem token!

Next up we have Dice Masters, we will of course have boosters, starters and collectors boxes on sale from the next Age of Ultron set but in addition to this we will be offering the chance for players to get hold of some promotional cards by running a small tournament. We only need 4 players but obviously the more the merrier! You will need a team of up to 8 cards and 20 dice if you want to take part, although Jake and I have some spare teams if your new to the game. I can run multiply events throughout the day so as soon as there are enough players we will get started.

In regards to Magic the Gathering I will have plenty of stock from the new Origins release and if there is enough interest (at least 6 players) can happily run a draft. If you are interested in drafting please send me a message so that I can get an idea of when people would be interested in playing.

Star Realms - screenshot thumbnail

We will have a range of board games on sale but obviously I can not bring everything. If there is a particular game that you want to buy then please send me a message and I will have a look to see if we have it. Gambit Sunday is always a great place to try out new board games and as per normal I will be providing scoring sheets so that we can update or review database. Currently Star Realms is our leader with a very impressive 4.9 may be something will push it off the top spot this week. May be you have not played Star Realms yet, if not we will have our demo copy and we can get your opinion and scores added to the list. I would also like to get some games of Stak Bots played so that this can be added to the records.

In the last few weeks we have seen a real increase in the amount of Pokemon players, but have noticed that there are many of you that are unsure of the rules (younger players in particular) so Jake and I will be on hand to explain the rules or even offer a demo game.

For me personally I will be looking to play some games of D&D Attack Wing, having recently added some new additions to my collection I am keen to see if I can actually win a game! If there are players out there that have not given this game a try and want to have a demo then I am more than happy to do that as well.

Whatever you are playing tomorrow, I hope you have a great day - see you there!

Gary of Team Gambit and KD Games

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