24 Oct 2015

KD Games at Gambit Sunday

Tomorrow is Gambit Sunday and as normal KD Games will be there. This month we have quite a bit going on ...

Firstly there will two MTG Gameday events, one at 1pm and the second in the evening at 6pm.

These will be STANDARD MTG events that are included in your entrance fee with the winner of each event getting a special play mat. The top eight will get some get promo card prizes and all players will get a card just for playing.

Second up we have a sneak peak at the new Ticket to Ride UK. Anyone that wants to play is welcome to a game of this latest expansion which is not due to hit the shops for a few weeks yet.

Next we will be running a Seven Wonders tournament which may be over several games depending on the interest, The winner of the event will get an exclusive play mat for this great game.

Lastly we will be running demos of Bang the Dice game and Eight Minute Empire Legends.

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