13 Nov 2015

Cash 'n Guns

KD Games will be bringing CASH 'N GUNS to this months Gameday on Sunday 29th November. Like some of the other games we have been demoing lately we will have some nice give away's for anyone that plays.
All players will get a new giant Cthulhu, designed by the fan-favorite illustrator John Kovalic. He stands twice as tall as the other gangsters, and players are going to have to think twice when Cthulhu is aiming his gun at them.

We also have three Uzis for anyone that makes a purchase of this great game. Staring down the barrel of that, there are going to be a lot less punks feeling lucky that day.

If you have not played before it will be a great opportunity to learn a new game as well as getting a chance to get something cool.

I hope some of you will give this game a go! In the meantime here is a video from Dice Tower showing how this game is played...

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