8 Feb 2020

New home for Gambit

Some good news and a request. Firstly we have secured a new Location, the April 26th Gambit will be held at East Worthing Community Centre. This means more space to play our games and a generally better environment.

WHAT WE NEED YOU TO DO - Simple, we need you to show up and play games. There have been some posts about the general situation at the club, well we listened and we did something about it and now we need your support. We have the Community Centre for 6 months to see if we can make this work and we'll assess the after the initial period if it's a goer.

So our plea to you guys is to come along, support the club and let's get Gambit back on its feet again.

So spread the word and come along. We'll try and organise some events for the opening session, so keep your eyes on the page for more info.

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