20 Oct 2006

Game Report.

Well the Ultramarines lost – bummer. I have to admit I was a bit crazy with the Marines. I am not used to power armour and thought I was invincible; a great example of this was to park my Librarian in front of a Leman Russ tank because it was the best place to fire of the Fear Of The Darkness (which it was). This worked very well; most of the Daemon Hunters ran away, however, the Leman Russ then proceeded to blow away the Librarian. I thought he might get away with it, but no….. no he didn’t.

The Terminators spent the whole game fighting Grey Knights, and not doing a very good of it. When they had finally dispensed of them the remaining Terms were then killed by Sentinels, Sentinels of all things.

So I have learnt some things, Deep Striking is not a great idea and the other major learning is not to stand in front of Leman Russ tanks, especially with your expensive HQ choice.

The full 1500pt full army will do better, for a start the Librarian will have a squad with him, so if any Leman Russ incidents happen again he should be ok.

Next on the list of lists to do is an army for the 40K Doubles in Jan, as usual I am having kittens trying to come up with an army, also with the new Eldar out in a month I am jumping between Marines and Eldar. I have the new Forge World Avatar model and it would be great to whip that out for a tournament game.


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