31 Oct 2006

There goes the weekend.

Well it’s been a few days but I am back at work and thus have the free time to blog. Phil and Paul came down to Brighton for a few days which we pretty much spent in the loft of Barry’s house playing games. This was good and bad, good in that we played games (never a bad thing); bad in that we tested lots of army combinations for the upcoming 40K doubles. This was bad because far from helping me makeup my mind on which army to use it just made things a whole lot worse by opening up new realms of possibilities. To add to this we got the ticket through and Lost and the Damned armies are allowed, I didn’t think that they would be - so this adds to the possibility.

But we decided that we would do Marines last year and we are going to stick with it. The only thing I am unhappy about is my half of the army in that it is very small, but I have the HQ which takes up a lot of points. I would love to do Lost and the Damned again as 1000 pts makes the army a lot more competitive as it opens up the options for some nice tanks and Chaos allies, but I suggested this as the force last year and Baz went for it, so I think I should take into account what he would prefer to play this year.

I have looked at the new Eldar and there are some nice options, but due to the restrictions it’s a bit tricky to take stuff that I like, I could go all basic troops and have about 40 models but they will not be packing much of a punch and I think they will get wiped out too easy. I think some armies flourish at small points games and others don’t, not sure about Eldar at the moment but I think at the low points they are not so good.

Baz and I played our Marine list against a Tau/Eldar combo, the final result was a draw (maybe just a win for us) but the Eldar half of the army folded pretty quick. However, if the Harlequins had got into combat I think the story would have been different. The Tau as usual did the damage with their vicious shooting. At low points I think Tau are one of the strongest armies with the high strength of their weapons, jumping Battle Suits and new super fast vehicles they are an awesome opponent at low points. (note to self – buy Tau codex). I made a mistake in the game right at the start – I should have charged my Tactical unit in the Rhino straight forward, jumped out and blasted away. Not being used to having troops in transports I completely forgot about this option. I think we would have won by more if I had done that. I think the key to our army is not to separate and to charge forward and open up, whilst the Dread and Pred snip out the tanks. Our army isn’t big enough to stand back and blast away, we need to get forward and try and take out whole blocks at a time. If we can get that right then we should do ok.

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