6 Nov 2006

Another Trauma.

Games Workshop does it again and puts me in a conundrum. The Eldar have been released. I was getting fairly well organised with my painting backlog and army plans. I wasn’t going to do Eldar for a while until I had finished my ToaTG army but they look so nice. I have a massive Eldar army but they are getting on and the paint job isn’t great and for anyone that knows me I am really anal about using models that I don’t think are my best paint job. So I will redo my Eldar army as I like them and they were my first real serious army and I won a couple of tournaments with them, so I like them.


I am not sure, my original army was Ulthewe themed and was therefore black and bone, but with the colours switched, so the main colour was bone with black detail. This worked ok, but the trouble with bone is that if you don’t do everything at the same time it can be tricky to get the exact same colour again. The first time round I also used Bubonic brown spray and this was a big mistake. It left some of the models looking a bit bland and flat. I thought about doing them again but with the Black as the main colour but black can look a bit uninspiring at times.

I have thought about red and even tried a test model, but there is just something not right with it. I tried with white detail but it is just my boogie colour. I have real problems painting white, I just really struggle with it and I can’t get the shading right.

I am leaning towards a Blue stipple effect, I painted a small group this way for the Doubles a couple of years ago and it looks pretty good, but I am not sure what secondary colour to use. I used yellow for the helmets, and then a bone colour for the guns, but this looked a bit wishy-washy next to the deep blue and bright yellows. So I am thinking of doing the guns yellow as well. But yellow guns? Sounds a bit silly.

One of my main considerations is that I have a Forge World Titan that I will be painting for this army and the scheme has to go well with a large scale model. I think certain colour schemes work well on large models and others don’t, or maybe it’s just my skill level. So now you know what’s waking me up at 3 a.m. What colour to paint my Eldar.


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