16 Nov 2006


Haven’t blogged for a bit so thought I would, plus I am at work and can’t be bothered to do any…… er…. work.

So what have I been up to? Well I have finalised the colours for my new Eldar army (which maybe started in the distant future). I will be going with the camo blue and yellow scheme, I think it looks nice and goes well on vehicles. I have done a test figure and I was pleased with it, so finally I can get some sleep.

There is a local tournament that I will be attending in a week or so at the King and Queen pub in Brighton. It’s a 1500pt’er and the guys that run it normally come up with some whacky scenarios. It’s hard to design an army for these scenarios as you don’t know what they are until the day, so it does encourage balanced armies, but as we all know I am a fan of the balanced army. Although at the last one I played a Nid list that was stupid (I did not enjoy that game). I will be using my Lost and the Damned army (Latd) as my ToaTG’ers army can’t stretch to 1500pts just yet. I could have taken Eldar but my old Eldar army doesn’t really fit how I would play the new list so I will stick with the LatD.

My LatD army has been in development for a few years and changes each time I play it, it doesn’t do well and I state that at the start, but it was never meant to do well. It was a converters/painters army. Everything in the army is converted, apart from the Obliterators every model has been changed in some way. The theme is of a zombified Imperial Guard army, so it is pretty much an Imperial Guard army but with some elements of a Chaos army. I had to put the Chaos elements in, basically to help it compete, but they fit the theme. As a purely traitor force it lacked all the benefits of a Guard army whilst carrying all their weaknesses, but the Chaos elements make up for this and there is still a heavy Imperial Guard element. My favourite units are the Rough Riders which are converted Warhammer Cold Ones with Guard riders and the Lemen Russ tank which is a converted Forge World Ork Squiggoth, believe me it works. I am adding an extra Sentinel at the moment and a new HQ choice. I have always taken an Arch Heretic as the HQ as it seems to fit, but I have never found a build that I liked or that fitted the army completely. I always tried to use him as a strike force; one of the first was a guy on a bike with a Manreaper (+D6 Attacks). This guy could take out whole units, but if he often got blasted as he made his lonely way across the battlefield. I tried a pretty basic guy with a squad in a Chimera, but as I don’t use that many transports the tank would get targeted and then blasted and he would just sit in the wreck for most of the game. So for this tourney I am going to give him Terminator Armour and put him in a large squad of Traitors with maybe a Power Fist armed Chaos Champion and a Power Fist armed Agitator. This would be a very hard combat unit, but could be slow across the field, hence the large squad for protection of the big three. It will also be a fair amount of points, so I will see how it performs and potentially take one of the fists out if it is too much of a points sink. I am also going to give the Arch Heretic a Chaos Spawn companion, this is basically a pet that walks around with him, but it does have D6 Str5 Attacks which for 20 points you can’t argue with, it will also allow me to indulge in my love for a nicely converted model. The Arch Heretic in Terminator armour is also going to be a nice conversion using an Orc in Mega Armour as the main body. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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