1 Dec 2006

IT WORKED !!!!!!

Well, what can I say, I came third in the local tournament I was talking about last blog. Third with a Lost and the Damned army, amazing.

The new elements I put in worked out really well, the three Obliterators were outstanding, I felt a bit awkward putting them in, but I needed some tank killing stuff that could actually hit something. The Lemen Russ did itself proud and managed to survive three of the four games, although I don’t think it did that much damage to be honest. For the next version of this army I may try swapping it out for a Basilisk, this will still give me some decent indirect fire and save me a few points. The Rough Riders were again outstanding, they performed well supported by a mounted Chaos Lord, but I must point out that the Chaos Lord was in no way tooled up; he was pretty much there for close combat support. The Hounds did well as always and the Marine unit played a big part in the third game. The new Arch Heretic build seems to be the best so far and he survived each game whilst inflicting a fair amount of damage.

All in all I was really pleased with the performance, but I played it a lot more thoughtfully and picked the fights I wanted to fight. It was very much an army of two parts, there was the fast attack element with the Riders, Hounds and infiltrating Marines and this took the opposition apart after the Obilts, Russ and heavy weapon Traitor squads had dealt the damage. I lost one game to Tau, but the scenario was the main cause of my downfall, the entire board was classed as difficult terrain – put this with an opponent that was using the best shooting army in the game that has the longest range and you can guess the rest.

But I managed to beat two Chaos armies and a Tanked up Imperial Guard army, so it was a great result. Not sure how I would change it to make it any better. Perhaps take out one Obliterator to free up 80 pts for another Sentinel and some troops, and perhaps drop some of the vehicle upgrades that turned out to be a bit redundant, this would free up some more points for some other stuff. But that’s for another day.

Not much gaming on this weekend, perhaps a Lord of the Rings game with the Misses on Saturday night, but otherwise painting will continue on the ToaTG’ers army, which is also turning into my half of the doubles army.


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