27 Mar 2007

For the Emperor (Karl F that is).

At the start of the year I made one promise, this year I would buy no more armies for tournaments. I will use what I have, no more new armies. So with that in mind I opened up the GW online store and spent £140 on 750 pts of Empire……I know, I know.

After the two test games with the Ogres, Baz and I came to the conclusion that they just were not up to the job and didn’t offer enough in the way of killing anything. So it was back to the drawing board. I had a look at a couple of things, but Empire offered the most effective army to backup the Brets. Bearing in mind that the doubles is only 10 weeks away and I am not a fast painter (its because I am so good you see) I pretty much had to get the army and get cracking, which means I will be behind on my ToaTG’ers too (although my definition of behind pales into insignificance when compared to Phil’s definition of behind).

So I cranked up army builder and got on with it. The first thing I went for was a Steam Tank; there are a few reasons for this.

1 - Its rock hard
2 - Its 300 pts, this means less painting.
3 - Its rock hard

We have never gone for cheese armies, but this year we thought we would cheddar it up a bit. The Stank is a monster on the charge and with T6 W10 and a 1+ save it should hang around for a while, just need to keep it away from any great weapon welding nasties.

After this it’s pretty much stuff to support Baz’s charging Brets. I have 10 handguns for some shooting and to cover the middle of the board. I then went for 5 knights to give the Stank some support; I then picked 5 pistoliers for flanking. I just needed the Leader. At the moment I have a Captain on a Pegasus, mainly so he can be a pain flying round and picking on smaller units, but I am tempted a bit to go for a wizard, just for a bit of defence and some offensive fireballs, but not really sure how good magic is going to be in a smaller game, as our army is pretty in-your-face magic maybe of little use and a flying captain maybe able to offer more in supportand flank charges. I think you will agree that this offers so much more than the Ogres.


P.S. Anyone want to buy 2000pts of Ogres.

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