20 Mar 2007

I'm back!

Well I have returned and in doing so I have visited all the ToaTG members where possible to play some fun games. So here I go:

Games 1/2 against necrons and space marine (3 way game) Location: Wolverhampton and Wakefield.

These games where hard and I real thought I would struggle to get anywhere with the potential of SM and necrons teaming up and picking on my nids. However this was not the case. Phil SM in both games went for Rob and his necrons well Rob tried to slip right to hold him off, while I just went straight for the both of them. I the games I have learnt to hate assault cannons, destroyers and immotals. The fire power that the above can do can cripple my army at the mo in one or two turns and I hate it.

On the plus side my new fex with its Barbed strangler is ace and in the first gaming using it it stop phils vindicator from firing in the first turn, i only wish it would of destroyed it, oh how I would of laughed. On the plus side (the vindy) only took out 2 stealers and 3 or 4 gaunts before getting shot to pieces from 2 twin linked devourers on my other fex ha ha.

Both games have highlighted the importance to get into combat (and stay within synapse range) as soon as possible. It also showed how easy my new flying rippers are to take out with Str 6 fire power, this unit costs 180 pts and I am now begining to feel that it is a waste of points (but the models are so cool).

Game 3 (SM) Location: Brighton

After joining the rat race on Friday I travelled to Brighton to play against the founding fathers of Gambit Games and what a weekend.

The first game I had was against Gaz and as he mentioned he handed me my arse on a plate. I was lucky that in turn 2or3 his assault cannons and lascannons killed 2 monstrous creatures, killing the hive tyrant body guard and wounding the hive tyrant. However Gazs cries for joy where short lived when I told him that his assualt cannons where out of range and my bodyguard and HT where back in the game on full wounds. However Gaz played a blinding games and I lost. Pts that I took out of that game where to keep all gaunts in synapse range (again) as they just bounce of marines in combat.

Game 4 (Demon hunters) Location Brighton

This game had it all and has been the best game so far with my TOAFG army. It was played on a city fight board which hepled me more than Baz but by turn 3 I was in combat as the guard where charging me. YES GUARD CHARGED ME. I could not afford to run the gaunts into cbt and out of Synapse range. The enitial charge took me by suprise but my numbers start to show and when the stealers reached cbt I thought It must be over. However Baz is someone whom never throws the towel in and when his terminators arrived (by deep striking) he placed them in between 3 monstrous creatures and 2 raveners. The next turn he was very unluck to lose 4 terms from one shooting phase all from 1 fex who pumped out 10 shots into them. It then charged and died to a grand master grey knight, who then killed another fex, 1 ravener and a tyrant guard and almost the hive tyrant itself (but failed to wound on a 4+, ). Before getting killed (i think).

I have to be more wiery of Baz grey knights as I forgot they all get Str6 CCW or power weapons, at int 5 i think i will just shot them next time, lol.

Anyway, got models to paint.

Unitl next time KIR.

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