19 Dec 2013

Committee Members

We are currently in the process of re-electing our committee members for 2014. Here are the details on the current requirements for the role. If you would like to put you name forward then please let either Barry or myself know before Sunday 29th December.

"Gambit Games is a non-profit gaming club that aims to deliver a high quality gaming experience for its members by offering regular events and tournaments in the Brighton area.

For the club to operate and continue to host events it relies on it members and particular its committee members to take an active part in all club events and organisational requirements.

Committee members will be elected in January of each year and will remain in the position for twelve months.
The committee will consist of six members who will include Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The requirements for being a member of the committee are as follows: 

  • They must have a full year’s membership. (For the club to have the funds necessary at the beginning of the year it needs to encourage as many members to take up the yearly membership as possible, the six committee members alone will enable us to pay the rent for three months.) 
  • On days that the committee member is going to attend the Sunday game days they should either be able to attend from 9am to assist with the set up or stay at the end of the day to tidy up. 
  • The committee member will be required to attend meetings as required to discuss club planning, events and general organisational requirements. 
  • The committee member must be prepared to assist in both organising and running the tournaments on offer throughout the year. 
  • The committee member must be a focal personality of the club and particularly on club days be willing to greet new members, assist in ensuring that people attend get a good gaming experience, assist new members in learning gaming systems and promote the club in a professional manner at all times. 
  • All committee members will be added to the closed group to enable discussion of points that do not need a full meeting. 
  • In addition the Chairman will be responsible for organising and chairing club meetings as required. 
  • In addition the Secretary will be responsible for any administrative tasks, taking minutes at meetings and any club correspondence as required. The Secretary may be required to chair club meetings in the Chairman’s absence. 
  • In addition the Treasurer will be responsible for controlling and accounting for club funds including managing the bank account (a priority job for 2013 is to get this account set up) The Treasurer may be required to chair club meetings in the Chairman’s absence. 
In December all club members will be offered the opportunity to stand for a position on the committee, existing members may re-stand. A message will go out on the blog and Facebook account as well as an email to all club members. In the event that more than six people put their names forward a vote will take place using the Facebook account."

Gary of Team Gambit

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